About Me



My name is Tabitha Honaker-West LMT. I am dedicated to providing an individual experience for each of my clients. Everyone will be treated with love and respect. I use meticulous draping to ensure the comfort, warmth, and modesty of each client. I feel very strongly about ethical boundaries and have them stated in the Ease of Health Massage Policies and Procedures Form. 

I had an interest in massage therapy upon High school graduation but did not pursue it for a number of years. After I graduated from High School I earned an Associates Dregee in Criminal Justice. Three children later I decided I needed a career with a much calmer and safer environment. I was finally at a place in my life where I could follow my heart. I attended The Dayton School of Medical Massage and truly fell in love with my school work. The human body fasinates me. It brings me joy knowing I can help somebody's life in a positive way each day of my life.